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Should you follow the fox eye trend?

The short answer is - absolutely not.

The fox eye trend is the so-called "almond shaped" eye often seen with celebrities. It involves an arched brow and almond shaped eyes with an exaggerated/raised lateral corner of the eye (exaggerated canthal tilt). Why are so many reputable surgeons against this trend? Let's delve into the anatomy.

The primary goal of the eyelids is to protect the eye/globe. First, the blink mechanism helps ensure the eyeball is adequately lubricated which helps maintain clear vision. Second, complete closure of the eyelids is necessary to prevent debilitating dry eye and even infections that can make you lose vision. The 3D anatomy of the eye socket, eyeball, eyelids and eyebrows are unique to only you. If altered too much, it can only lead to significant cosmetic disfigurement and sight-threatening issues. Specifically, when the canthus is manipulated (to give that exaggerated almond-eye appearance), this can create webbing in the corner of the eye and even pain/discomfort issues etc. Most surgeons would argue that the canthus should only be manipulated when needed as in reconstructive procedures or in an aged population where laxity is a common finding.

Overall, I am strongly against this trend. Not because it is not a beautiful look--all eyes/faces are uniquely beautiful. Rather, because in an attempt to chase a specific look, serious, debilitating consequences can occur.

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