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What are the best anti-aging practices?

Here is my honest opinion. Forget the fancy creams, injectables, and surgery. Think bigger picture. What happens on the outside (our skin, soft tissue, and bones of the face) is a reflection of what is also happening on the inside. As an ophthalmologist, this is literally visual. When I look into your eyes, I can see the health of each of your small arteries and veins - the smallest of branches emanating from your heart. I digress, but pretty neat right? In a world, where we are all so focused on the outside, we forget that healing starts from within. Stress reducing activities such as meditation, sleeping well, exploring nature, having interesting conversations with others from different walks of life, playing scrabble, and even hugging someone can all reduce our stress. That stress reduction is SO important for anti-aging from the inside out. That being said, the five simplest activities you can incorporate into your routine include:

  1. Any practice of self-love (exercise, meditation, journaling, etc)

  2. Eating whole foods and drinking plenty of water

  3. Movement/exercise

  4. Sun Protection

  5. Good sleep hygiene

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